327MNF_Nordkapp2016Today we operate five buses, two of which are double deck buses Neoplan N122 and one Ford Transit minibus.

In addition, buses have already mentioned we are ready to serve you, our partner in two double-deck bus. Coaches are located in Tallinn, and your order is ready to ride both in Estonia and elsewhere in the world.
Our bus drivers there are a number of Russian visas and travel miles traveled in many countries.

We carry the most customers in the Baltics, Russia, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, France, Spain, Andorra, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Croatia, Italy, England, Ukraine and elsewhere.

If you need fast relief bus or something else unexpected has happened to the Tulisilm LTD together with its partners all over Estonia is ready to assist you in finding a suitable coach to continue their journey.

24h Estonia Phone +372 6 888 080 / mob. +372 56 833 993
 We speak in Russian, Estonian, English and Finnish languages.